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Cement Bag | Construction @ Search4Merch


Cement Bag

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Brick | Construction @ Search4Merch



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Brick Giant | Construction @ Search4Merch


Brick Giant

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Excavator | Construction @ Search4Merch



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Cement Truck | Construction @ Search4Merch


Cement Truck

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Container | Construction @ Search4Merch



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Bulldozer | Construction @ Search4Merch



Promote your business with unique construction stress toys

Promotional merchandising has become 'the' marketing technique of the day. Every industry and business is looking to create their personalised range of promotional products to serve as corporate merchandise and even as corporate gifts. The popularity of the technique can be credited to the fact that promotional products are a personal way of reaching out to a set of audience for promoting a business or a brand. By being personal in approach, a company can position itself more successfully in the minds of the recipient of the promotional gift, thereby generating a lot of goodwill, favourable opinion as well as strong association with the enterprise in return.

Lately, promotional stress items are all the rage when it comes to promotional merchandising. Promotional stress toys are a creative way to spread a word about a company and its brand. Stress toys are smart and sensible products and appeal to just about everyone; especially those working in strenuous professional settings. Designed to offer relief from a stressful situation, stress alleviating products have become an important item in any professional environment. In addition, because stress toys come in a variety of shapes, colors and forms, they can be custom designed for just about any industry and any profession.

A promotional stress toy can be customised to fit just about any marketing objective of an organisation- from reinforcing its corporate identity among employees and customers to creating personalised corporate gifts. The product is such that it can be custom designed for specific industries. Take for instance S4M's range of construction stress toys. This colourful range offers stress balls relating to the field of construction designed in various shapes associated with construction work and its many tools, such as cement bag, brick, excavator, container and even bulldozer. The element of fun and creativity makes personalised construction stress toys even more exciting and effective as promotional marketing tools. Even companies belonging to different fields of work can use these exclusive design stress toys for miscellaneous promotional purposes.